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IE University takes an applied, student-centered approach to education, making you and your career our priority.
We identify your unique strengths and give you the chance to build your own career path, providing support every step of the way. In your fourth year, you can choose from a range of electives that make up one of the four optional concentrations offered, entitling you to an additional diploma. These concentrations include:

Global Affairs and Diplomacy
Peace, Conflict and Security
International Development
International and Social Business
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During the Global Affairs and Diplomacy elective courses, students will discover what sparks political and social struggles in order to identify the best solutions to tackle these complex global challenges. They will focus on international and diplomatic relationships between nations and corporations.  

This means the courses will cover a wide range of challenges facing the world today—with a focus on regions including China, Africa, South AmericaNorth America, Russia, India, and the Middle East. Students will dive into topics including populism and democracy; political economy and geopolitics; and corporate and multilateral diplomacy. 


These electives delve into the dynamics of peace and security to prepare students to become international advocates who work to prevent, manage, and resolve conflict. They will sharpen their negotiation skillswhile gaining unrivaled insights into alliance creation through real-world experiences.  

 Students will understand the relationship between state sovereignty, international law, and armed intervention. Capitalizing on cutting-edge technology, they will gain the tools they need for an unparalleled perspective on human rights, human security, humanitarian law, and cybersecurity. 

 Finally, students will hack the social contract for newfound insights on how people function in today’s rapidly changing society. These insights will prove to be crucial as they dive into cybersecurity, terrorism, and counterterrorism while grasping how relationships between states affect global peace and security.   


Throughout the International Development track, students will grow into leaders who understand how to bring together the international community to spur on sustained economic growth while helping developing countries and the world as a whole.  

 They will deepen their understanding of the complex factors at work in international politics, global development, economics, and sustainability. Armed with this knowledge, they will be prepared to manage international development projects and to analyze the politics behind aid and international agreements. 

 These electives will also cover issues related to the economy and urbanization. Students will discover the keys to sustainable financebuilding smart cities, and the role of gender in international development. Finally, students will show what they’ve learned in a project evaluation and impact assessment.  


Students who choose the International and Social Business track will discover different ways in which to expand businesses abroad while deepening their understanding of social matters. They will learn how these areas go hand in hand in the rise of the fourth sector—social businesses. 

To further their understanding of the topic, students will explore the importance of sustainability, technology, and innovation in today’s markets. They will become familiar with what is driving change as well as the opportunities created by the rise of social businesses. 

 Finally, students will put their knowledge into practice as they tie business and society together to determine how economics and biotechnology will determine the future of sectors like health care. 


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