Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

Lifelong Learning Programme.


Learn by practicing law.

The practical learning component of our Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) allows students to experience law in an unique and transcendental manner. You will have many opportunities to learn how to apply the knowledge you have acquired in the classroom to real legal matters, thanks to the following tools and courses available to all law students:

  • IE Labs + Internships
  • Legal Clinic
  • Shadowing Program
  • Practical Courses

Our LL.B. practical learning approach is a unique way of understanding law. It will prepare you to launch your professional career and become a better law professional by giving you exposure to real life legal scenarios and practical cases.


The legal clinic is a lab that provides students with hands-on experience on law practice. The Legal Clinic students supervise, support, and advice other labs and initiatives in legal matters. This lab provides special support to startups and new projects, and also to the Social Impact Lab. In addition, the Legal Clinic also provides legal assistance to NGOs and other organizations that seek the help of legal advisors.


Conducting research, drafting legal arguments, and meeting with clients to provide legal advice are some of the main activities that the students perform in the Legal Clinic. Participating in the Legal Clinic is a great opportunity for our students to learn how law is applied in real life scenarios and at the same time making a positive impact in society.





Spanish Pro Bono Clearinghouse

Startup Lab

Social Impact Lab


The LL.B. students can apply to and attend shadowing programs in the most prestigious Law Firms. During a week of shadowing important law professionals, students will rotate through different areas and departments to deeply understand how top law executives and practitioners apply in the real world scenario the theory that they learn in class. This program represents a great opportunity for our students to gain practical and professional exposure in the complex world of law and legal practice.


The independent law firm Pérez-LLorca is always looking for excellence that will guarantee fast and flexible services. Their goal is to offer an outstanding service in all the legal matters they work on. Recently, Pérez-Llorca was recognized as one of the most innovative European law firms, thanks to the outstanding and innovative approach it takes when it comes to analyze a legal case.


Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira is law firm that has 25 offices worldwide, and its headquarters are located in Madrid, Barcelona, and Lisbon. The firm advises clients on all areas of business law, and at the same time they apply innovation to enhance and create new services and products that fit each customer's needs.


This course is a simulation of the European Law Moot Court Competition. Students will be asked to solve a hypothetical EU law case and argue it as if they were pleading before the Court of Justice of the European Union. The aim of this course is first to prepare students that are planning to participate in the European Law Moot Court Competition, and second to improve the students´ legal research, analysis, reasoning, and argumentation skills. This year IEU students will participate in the Europa Moot and the Moot Madrid.

Law Without Walls

LWOW unites more than 100 students from 30 different law and business schools worldwide. During 4 months, the different teams will identify a problem in the way of teaching or practicing law, and will develop a business plan and startup project to tackle these complications.

Each edition starts with a KickOff session, both virtually or in-person, comprised of exercises to foster innovation and ideas generation, team-building activities, self-assessment, and presentation skills workshops. In a “challenge” like style, teams develop innovative ideas over the course of two days. Finally, the event concludes with the ConPosium, where teams present their ideas to a panel of multidisciplinary judges who evaluate the viability, creativity and content of the different projects presented.

To watch the LWOW Kickoff at IEU, click here.


Our bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) program is an innovative degree that allows students to learn through practical courses, and apply the knowledge that they have acquired to real life legal matters. Throughout the degree students can get involved in different courses like:

Law Unplugged

Law Unplugged is an innovative and practice oriented course that aims to bring students closer to the reality of legal practice. The object of the course is to teach students to work and think like real lawyers.

As a law student you will have the chance to learn more about these topics:
- Get closer to the real practice of the legal profession
- Gain the necessary skills for personal and professional development
- Understand the ethical principles of law
- Improve participants’ knowledge in the area of conflict resolution and negotiation
- Understand the role law firms play within businesses.

Law Challenges

Three different Law Challenges are organized by IE University for students who are studying law in Segovia or Madrid, either as a single degree LL.B or in any of its Dual Degree combinations. The cases consist of hypothetical problems related to either Roman law for 1st year students, European Law for 2nd year students and Commercial Law for 2nd and 3rd year students. The participants have to apply practical knowledge to come up with innovative solutions using traditional Roman, European and Commercial law principles.