Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences

Study, analyze, and understand human behavior. Lead us into a better world.

4 years




Segovia and Madrid

Become an expert in human behavior

The Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences is a forward-thinking, career-focused program designed to prepare experts in human behavior who are ready to influence businesses, organizations, and society as a whole. This multidisciplinary program delves deep into the social sciences, looking at human behavior from different perspectives. But having an in-depth understanding of what makes us tick is just the beginning. The program integrates cutting-edge technology, the latest tools in analysis, and hands-on learning, preparing students to jump into the professional world and make a positive impact.

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Why the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences?

This program is not just about understanding people. It's about making things happen. You will study the latest in human behavior, use cutting-edge tools to analyze, and learn strategies to influence the behaviors you’ve uncovered to have a positive impact on businesses and society.


  • Year one

    The foundation

    In your first year you will build a foundation for your learning. You will study with students from other programs in HST and learn the fundamentals of behavior, the social sciences, data analysis, and how these disciplines work together.

  • Year two

    Technical skills

    In your second year you will become an expert analyst. You will develop skills in quantitative and qualitative analysis and take a deeper dive into human behavior as understood through diverse social science courses.

  • Year three

    Strengthening skills

    In year three you will continue to learn tools and methodologies for analysis, gathering insights from information. You will also learn high-impact communication skills and techniques in influence and persuasion.

  • Year four

    Applying your knowledge

    You will get your hands dirty, applying all you’ve learned to real-world situations in diverse sectors like consumer markets, health, sustainability and the environment, and customer experience.

Innovative methodology


HST designs its programs to prepare students for the new world of work. You will come out of the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences a versatile pro ready to take on jobs in diverse sectors.

Learn from the experts

Your professors are shining academics and mavericks in the field. You’ll understand how to apply the knowledge you’re gaining through the concrete examples your professors give of their work in the real-world.

Hands-on learning

A hands-on approach and practical projects with corporate partners gives you the experience you need to hit the ground running after graduation.

Looking to the future

You will learn and work with the latest tech and the skills needed to adapt to a constantly evolving professional ecosystem.

Study, analyze, lead

You will begin with the fundamentals in behavioral science then build up advanced technical skills. You’ll come out of the program an expert in human behavior and applied analytics.

Student-centered approach

You will have the support and opportunities to tailor your learning to reach your goals. We help you identify your strengths and complement your core degree with extra electives, internships and IEU labs, preparing you to rocket into the workforce.