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Times Higher Education Positions IE University 30th in World’s Digital Leaders in Higher Education Ranking

Times Higher Education Digital Leaders 2022 Ranking

IE University Rises to 13th Position in the world for Digital Entrepreneurship Programs.

This year’s Digital Leaders in Higher Education ranking from Times Higher Education (THE), which analyzes the best academic institutions in the world to train digital leaders, positions IE University at 30th amongst the world’s best university’s for a digital education and 13th in the world for digital entrepreneurship.

As IE University was founded in 1973 by a group of visionary entrepreneurs, the spirit of enterprise has been at the heart of the institution since its inception. Each degree program includes a strong focus on exploring innovation practices and cultivating sharp entrepreneurial skills. Thirty percent of IE University alumni, who hail from 165 countries, have begun a startup at some point in their career. In addition, for 10 years, IE University has co-organized South Summit, among the most valuable international network of entrepreneurs, to support entrepreneurship, and provide investment opportunities. Last week South Summit brought together more than 500 experts, startups, investors and 16,000 attendees in Porto Alegre, Brasil to analyze the main challenges of entrepreneurial management in the region, and will hold a new edition next June in Madrid.

IE University’s Liquid Learning model is a strategic commitment to transform its educational experience. The unique and evidence-based education method allows for a seamless flow between virtual and in-person learning and helps students and professionals acquire the expertise and develop the skills and mindsets needed to access and develop jobs in an unpredictable and fast changing world. The IE Center for Liquid Learning serves to facilitate knowledge sharing, feature liquid learning experiences and building community.

Sandrine Belloc, Managing Partner at Emerging, experts on graduate employability who developed this ranking with the Trendence Institute, commented:

“Digital skills are no longer exclusively a set of technology-based skills: they have become the ‘new normal’ in the corporate world.”

Sandrine Belloc, Managing Partner at Emerging

The Digital Leaders global ranking highlights the top 200 universities worldwide having scored the highest across five categories covering the full scope of digital education: Best Computer Science Degree, Best Data Science Degree, Best Online Degrees, Best Digital Entrepreneurship Programs, Best Business Schools for Digital Transformation. The study was carried out via a screening of 75,000 CVs of the most influential executives at the world’s leading digital companies combined with a live survey from a global panel of 3500 selected digital professionals, corporate IT executives, start-up executives, and young digital professionals worldwide.