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Our English-language bachelor programs are designed to develop your leadership skills and prepare you to tackle the professional challenges of the modern workplace. We encourage all students from our undergraduate programs to participate in high-quality enrichment opportunities.

The IE University experience involves much more than academic studies. Our practice-based methodology takes you beyond the classroom walls and straight to the frontlines of the industry you’re passionate about. We offer an exceptional range of opportunities that allow you to tailor your studies to your specific career goals and enhance your employability by obtaining extra qualifications.

Our applied and student-centered approach to education helps identify your unique strengths and gives you the chance to build your own path. Immersed in this dynamic environment, you will have access to our cutting-edge resources, and you will be able to customize your program by adding complementary courses, advanced seminars, internships, and IEU Labs.
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Your experience in IE University will involve a lot more than your academic studies. We offer an exceptional range of opportunities that allow you to tailor your studies to suit your specific career goals and enhance your employability by obtaining additional qualifications. IE University takes an applied and student-centered approach to education, identifying your unique strengths and giving you the chance to build your own path. In addition to the core degree you will be able to personalize your program by adding complementary courses, advanced seminars, internships and IEU Labs, allowing you to develop your skills.


    Students receive academic guidance from tutors and advisors who provide direction, encouraging the integration of the different degree elements. Build a personalized academic program that matches your professional aspirations.


    The IE Start-Up Lab is an on-campus incubator, where professors and entrepreneurs provide students with feedback and guidance on their business plans. With access to further resources and plan preparation help at IE Business School’s Venture Lab, you can pitch your idea to potential investors at IE Venture Days, bringing your idea to life.



    The Final Degree Project displays the culmination of four years of studies. The topics are chosen with faculty input with step-by-step guidance provided by an advisor. Drawing upon the knowledge gained from specific academic areas, internships or IE Labs projects, this is a chance to show off the extent of your architectural learning and design creativity.


    IEU Labs are IE University’s alternative to traditional internships. Designed for first and second year students seeking high level internship placements, the IEU Labs provide a hands-on, internship-like, on-campus experience, where you work on projects for leading companies and institutions in a variety of sectors.



    Real-world professional experience is fundamental as students prepare to enter the working world. The Dual Degree in Business Administration + International Relations offers internship opportunities with top international organizations. Gain experience in your desired field, experience new cultures and set yourself up for success.

a world of opportunities

Once you finish your degree, you’ll be ready to develop your career in a wide range of fields. Whether you are inspired by working in finance, marketing, human resources, customer experience or manufacturing, as an IE University Business Administration and Design, you will be more than prepared to use your expertise to optimize management decisions in companies, and to make a positive impact in the corporate world. Below you will find some of the areas you can specialize in.

An innovation manager

This role involves leading research into strategic business opportunities for a company and using those insights to build products that customers are interested in. As an innovation manager, your role would require a combination of HR-, tech- and business-related mindsets. You would also be in charge of allocating resources, defining the process and monitoring the progress of initiatives, as well as implementing innovation capabilities into the organization at a broader level. This program will give you the tools you need to thrive in this role as you learn to transform your innovative ideas into reality.

A strategy and innovation consultant

After completing this program, you can use your newfound blend of business and design skills to advise companies on how to seize new opportunities and drive ongoing business growth. This includes designing sure-fire ways to improve a company’s UX and revenue, performing analyses of competition and helping the client to develop value-rich and multilayered plans to shape and implement business strategies. Ultimately, you would help businesses to transform their dreams into reality, offering expertise and guidance on everything from digital strategy to company culture.

A creative officer

As a creative officer, you would work closely with the visual styles of every component of the company that you work for. Projects you would oversee would include the development and creation of the company’s website, social media profiles and digital content, to name a few.
With the skills you hone in the Dual Degree in Business Administration and Design, you will be prepared to work directly with web developers, visual designers and executive teams as you help your company to create revenue.

A user experience designer

UX designers study and evaluate the overall perceptions that users have of a company when they use its websites, software and applications. In this role, you would mainly assess how easy a particular business’ product is to use, as well as the users’ overall impression of the company. You would combine your business and design knowledge to build an efficient and memorable user experience across online platforms, packaging, features, and more. In turn this boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately driving more profit for the business.

A customer experience researcher

As a customer experience researcher, you would drive customer-centric business ideas from conception to launch. This would be done by identifying problems or opportunities worth investigating, and conducting customer validation, solution ideation and prototype testing, for example.
After completing the program, you will have honed the necessary business and design skills, including user research, business strategy, and design and innovation methodology to generate new groundbreaking products.

A business (model) designer

This job title is a term used by the Board of Innovation. The role involves supporting corporate innovation teams as they discover new business opportunities that have the potential to drive results. As a business designer, you would seek revenue streams and pricing strategies for new products or services by developing new business models.

A brand strategist

Many companies are using conversational marketing as a way to enhance their customer experience. Chatbots, for example, help businesses interact with consumers through messaging. Brands looking to implement this fresh approach require a conversational marketing strategist to do so. This role is ideal if you are a creative individual who is able to understand a company’s culture and explain the importance of conversational marketing strategies to the executive team and other stakeholders.


In our fast-paced world, the demand for professionals who can think on their feet and work across boundaries is perpetually increasing. At IE University, we believe that postgraduate study provides the opportunity to not only develop your skills and pursue your passions, but also to advance your career and establish yourself as a specialist in your desired area. Expand your knowledge and improve your standing in your field to stand out in today's challenging job market.

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