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IE University, recognized internationally for its high-quality teaching and prestigious partnerships, enables graduates to compete for top positions globally, across all industries. We help our rich diversity of students to shape and launch their professional careers, equipping them with all the resources and skills they need to succeed in the job market of today and tomorrow.

Our unique learning environment facilitates professional and personal growth, empowering students to discover their full potential while guiding them down their personalized professional journey.

Our students develop highly sought-after profiles and are actively recruited by employers of leading corporations even before they graduate. Our extensive network and close ties with the business world offers endless opportunities, from important positions in major multinational companies to roles in smaller organizations and startups. Other students choose to develop entrepreneurial projects, either during or after their studies, building and managing their own companies.

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Bachelor of Behavioral Studies Career Options

Upon graduation, you’ll be ready to start your professional career across a wide range of industries. Whether this involves helping companies develop and implement new policies, or assisting businesses engage their customers, your time at IE University will prepare you to face any challenge that comes your way. As an IE University Behavioral Science grad, you will enter the job market as an expert in human behavior, ready and able to enact real, positive change at the individual, organizational and social level.


As a behavior consultant, you will study people in order to improve strategies across diverse sectors. No matter what industry you're in, success is closely linked to understanding people. Consultants help businesses navigate the realm of human behavior to improve marketing campaigns, product design, customer service, and much more.


Success in marketing and communication depends on your ability to influence and persuade your public. Use your knowledge of human behavior to understand consumer needs and wants in order to create game-changing products, services and campaigns.


Analyze human interaction within different contexts, social systems and structures to determine how to positively impact their lives.


Behavioral scientists are in high demand across private and public sector. These experts are working in everything from policy design and political campaign strategy, to human crisis management and market research.


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